Pegaxy's Community Governance Platform
The community is no doubt one of the biggest priorities of Pegaxy. Without the people, there would be no progress. In Themis, everyone will be able to voice their concerns and ideas clearer.
This is a platform where PGX holders come to have their voices heard. A place where suggestions and proposals by the community for the community will be housed in.

Home Page

Themis' Homepage
In this page, you will be able to view proposals by other individuals, together with the option to create or proposals that are your own or related to you.


Example view of a Proposal within Themis
Within a certain proposal, you will be able to find its basic information such as its...
  • Problem – The raw idea, a use case, or something we’ve seen that motivates us to work on this
  • Appetite – How much time we want to spend and how that constrains the solution
  • Solution – The core elements we came up with, presented in a form that’s easy for people to immediately understand
  • Rabbit holes – Details about the solution worth calling out to avoid problems
  • No-gos – Anything specifically excluded from the concept: functionality or use cases we intentionally aren’t covering to fit the appetite or make the problem tractable
It should be noted that:
  • An account is required to hold at least $500 USD worth of $PGX to submit a proposal.
  • Proposals will be screened, ensuring that they follow the guidelines for a standard submission. Meme proposals, promotions, un-related, offensive, or anything else not considered constructive will not be passed on and posted.

Cast your Vote

Casting your Vote within a Themis Proposal
Located below the Proposal, are the options available on how to resolve the issue/suggestion at hand. Votes are to be finalized once the voting timer ends, and such can be seen on each proposal.
  • an account is required to hold at least 1 $PGX to vote.

Comment Section

Example discussion within a Themis Comment Section
Below voting is a comment section for those who wish to discuss or speak about anything in regards to the proposal on hand. Each comment will display the user’s $PGX or other titles.
  • An account is required to hold at least $100 USD worth of $PGX to comment.
Keep in mind that Themis could develop and add more features in the future!