The Grand Dash Tournament

A global tournament, the biggest prizes.
On top of daily competition, the Metaverse demands to know who the best racers are! The Grand Dash event holds qualification rounds every month, with the Grand Dash Final held in December of every year.

How Does it Work?

The annual Grand Dash Tournament takes the top 12 racers with the highest statistics in each class, each month! There are 11 qualification months with the Grand Dash Final held in December of each year.
Each month, 60 players across 5 classes qualify for the grand final, with 132 total racers qualifying for the Grand Final of each class (660 players all classes combined). The Grand Final is the single largest day of racing in the Pegaxy Metaverse. Live streamed across all platforms with live statistics and races, spectators are able to watch from the quarterfinals, the semi-finals through to the grand final for each class.
It should be noted: Once you qualify for the Grand Dash, you do not need to qualify again. Also, if you are qualified and finish in the top 12 the next month, the player in 13th will fill the position.

Rewards For Winning

  • Monthly Qualifier
    • A minor reward in $PGX will be gifted to the top 12 of each class that qualify for the Grand Dash Final in December.
  • The Grand Dash Final
    • Large $PGX rewards are allocated initially from the Ecosystem Fund, however eventually these rewards will come from the Community Treasury. These rewards are generous and designed to assist in the growth of the players in game. The top 3 racers of each class at the end of the tournament will receive these rewards.
Note: As the Pegaxy game moves towards a player-skill reward system (i.e players that practice and learn the game mechanics, that dedicate a lot of time to racing and creating superior strategies), the players winning the larger eSports style tournaments will not be those that have the most money and can simply "buy" the best Pega, they will be the most skilled players in the Metaverse. We think this is the best route to make competitive racing fair for all players, no matter the budget.