Utility Token (VIS)

What is VIS and what are its use cases?
In short, Vigorus (VIS) is the primary "earning" and "spending" token inside the Pegaxy ecosystem.
To be clear, VIS is minted (created) through players placing inside the top 3 when racing, there was no IDO for VIS and no VIS was ever "pre-minted". VIS is burned (destroyed) through the Breeding model (and other VIS sinks in the future) outlined later in the whitepaper. Our goal is to create a reasonably balanced mint and burn ratio while avoiding micromanagement and over dictation of the ecosystem.
As mentioned, players are able to earn VIS token by racing against other players inside the game. As mentioned in the Racing section, you must place in the top 3 to earn VIS tokens. Anyone outside of the top 3 does not earn VIS tokens. Due to the fast moving nature of the in-game economy, the awarded amount of VIS for races may change up or down in the future.
VIS token is also the primary token used for breeding and fusing. The amount of VIS required to breed depends on the breed count of each Pega, while the amount of VIS required to fuse depends on the breed type of the Pega. The formula for breeding can be viewed on the Breeding page and the formula for fusing can be viewed on the Fusion page.
General VIS Statistics:
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