Crowned Pega

Ultra rare gods of Pegaxy.
The Crowned Pega of Pegaxy are known to be Gods among Pega. If we are talking collectable items inside the Metaverse, this is the holy grail.
Crowned Pega (Hoz Variant)

Where Did They Come From?

For a chance to evolve your Pega into a Crowned Pega, an owner must posses 2 Fabled Tokens. Fabled tokens were originally obtained through a referral system at the initial Founding Pega sale. The process was simple, refer 5 friends with your referral code and receive 5 Fabled tokens! Every referral was +1 Fabled token, with a maximum supply of 4,000 Fabled tokens. During the event, only 722 Fabled Tokens were claimed, the remaining being burnt. The total circulating supply is 722 Fabled Tokens.
Remember, one attempt = 2x Fabled Tokens.
Let's say you earned or have purchased 20x Fabled Tokens, this means you can attempt to evolve up to 10 Pega if all are successful the first attempt. In order to obtain a Crowned Pega you need to spend 2 Fabled tokens. This means that with a 100% success rate, 722 / 2 = 361 Maximum Crowned Pegas.
It should be noted that you are not guaranteed to successfully evolve your Crowned Pega, the probability calculations are in the table below:
Crowned Pega Parts
Single Crowned
Double Crowned
Triple Crowned
Quad Crowned
It should also be noted that Crowned Pega parts can not be inherited by their children, meaning if all Fabled Tokens are used, then no more Crowned Pega can ever be made.
Changes from the original whitepaper:
  • Users previously had the chance to fail on a Crowned Pega roll, this feature has been removed
  • Crowned Pega rolling used to cost 5 Fabled Tokens, this has been reworked to 2 Fabled Tokens
  • Crowned Pega tiers have been reduced from 5 to 4 levels