Temporary buffs and debuffs
Yes it's true, mechanical horses can have their consumables too! But in Pegaxy, they are a bit different...
With Drop Racing, users are able to get more exciting items by using their energy to obtain rewards; this new system will have a ‘chest and key’ structure where users can obtain different consumables to use in-game for various purposes.

Types of Consumables

The Menu for Consumables
There are currently three types of consumables to be gathered and used:
  • Stat-based Consumables
    These are consumables that a Pega can utilize in order to alter its stats. This type of consumable can either be a stat Up or stat Down.
  • Cooldown-Based Consumables
    This type of consumable can be used in order to lessen cooldowns on racing for a Pega.
  • Skin Chroma Consumables
    Skin Chroma consumables allow the change of color for a Pega, providing customizability for those who wish to change the appearance of their asset.
The rarity of the consumable to be used on a Pega influences its effects.
To read more about consumables, check out our guide article: