Give yourself a fighting chance out there!
When racing inside Pegaxy, you have the ability to fit certain "Gear" to your Pega that will assist in the balancing of your Pega's attributes, according to the attributes of the track.
As seen above, you can fit Head, Knee, Chest and Back Side gear. Each piece of gear affects a different attribute. For example if you have two chest plates, one may affect Water and one may affect Light.
It should be noted that the Gear has a positive and negative effect on attributes. For example, if you use a Chest Plate that adds 1% Strength, the Chest Plate will remove 1% in Speed or Fire. Here is a simplified formula: Speed <-> Strength <-> Fire <-> Water <-> Wind <-> Light <-> Speed.
With this in mind, it's important to purchase your gear strategically and decide whether you will move around your stats to increase your already dominant traits, or help balance the traits across the board?
Above you see images of the trials taking place for gear fitment. Once a sale is announced, get ready to buy, they will not last long!