The backbone of the ecosystem.
Pegaxy's Breeding Mechanic
As an owner in Pegaxy, there are multiple factors you need to consider when breeding, and that includes your personal goals.
Before touching on the bloodlines, breed types and probability, let's cover the costs of breeding. Below is the formula used:
Breed Count
Breed Number
VIS Cost
PGX Cost
It should be noted that these figures may come to be adjusted depending on the games economic balance, meaning the VIS or PGX per Pega in order to breed may change if needed. To learn more about VIS and PGX plus how to earn them, visit the VIS and PGX pages of the white paper.


It should be noted that Pega are metal machines, therefore when breeding, there are no restrictions. Breeding is possible with parents, children, grandchildren and so on.


When it comes to the rarity of Pega and their bloodlines, it's important to understand the table below:
Rarest (Hoz) to Least Rare (Zan)
To simplify what you see above, the least rare bloodline is the dominant bloodline when breeding. Hoz (Dark Red) is the rarest bloodline, and Zan (Light Pink) is the least rare bloodline. So, for example: You are breeding a Hoz Pega Male (the rarest bloodline) with a Klin Pega Female (3rd rarest bloodline), the baby Pega is guaranteed to be born as Klin bloodline. Through this example, you're able to formulate your own strategy for breeding.

Breed Types

This may look confusing at first, but let's go through some examples to simplify what you see below.
The simplified logic is, the resulting Pega is one Breed Type lower than the lowest parent.
So, for this example: You own one male Founding Hoz Pega, you then decide to breed him with a female Founding Hoz Pega. By referencing both charts above, the resulting baby Pega is a male or female Hoz Pega with the Legendary Breed Type. With this formula, you will notice that new Founding Pega can never be born, they are forever limited to the 5,000 created at the start of the Pegaxy Metaverse.
A more complex example: You own one female Rare Klin Pega and you wish to breed it with a male Epic Campona, your resulting baby Pega would be a male or female Pacer Klin Pega.
If it is still hard to comprehend, break it down into two parts. The Bloodline of the male and female, then the Breed Type of the male and female. Combine the two results and you will be the baby Pega.

Breeding Chances

As of 6/3/22, Breeding now has new aspects!
Breeding now allows for more surprises. Breeding a Pacer with another Pacer now allows for a 2% chance to get a Rare Pega! The graphic above shows odds for all available parent pairs.
Breeding two Epic Pega would create a baby, and that new Pega's breed-type would depend on the odds as shown:
16% Pacer / 72% Rare / 7% Epic / 5% Legendary

Cooldown Times

Q. What is the cooldown time for a Pega to breed again?
A. Hoz 24 hours | Campona 48 hours | Klin 72 hours | Zan 96 hours
Q. What is the length of time a newborn Pega needs to wait before it can race its first race?
A. Hoz 96 hours | Campona 72 hours | Klin 48 hours | Zan 24 hours
Q. What is the length of time needed for a Parent Pega to be able to Race?
A. 96 hours for all bloodlines.
Q. What is the length of time needed for a Newborn Pega to be able to breed?
A. 96 hours for all bloodlines.
Updated Cooldowns 7/3/2022


Currently the gender of a baby Pega is decided on a 50/50 basis. There are no external factors at this point in time that can dictate the gender of a newborn Pega.
In the future, we may introduce an NFT Food type that could alter the % chance of a male or female newborn Pega, however this is not currently active.