How to identify rarity, bloodlines and more.

The Origins of the Pega

Years ago, Pega were originally created as work machines, in an attempt to replace real horses in labour. However, underground racing and betting on Pega soon became mainstream and was adopted by the Metaverse as a sport. Early development models of Pega did not have wings, however through time and in honour of the Metaverse name Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy), wings were added as a sign of respect to the mighty Pegasus, the most adored god of the Metaverse. Design inspirations stemmed from CyberPunk through to Mech and eventually produced the Pega that you see today.

Identifying Bloodlines

There are 4 bloodlines of Pega, each one representing a different level of Rarity. The order from most rare to least rare is below:
Each one of the bloodlines are identified by their wing design, below you will see a picture of all 4 bloodlines:
Left to Right: Klin > Zan > Hoz > Campona
Each wing has a different design. These represent the Pega's bloodline.

Rare Traits

When we talk about rare traits, these are Pega features or game mechanisms designed to benefit those looking to collect "rare" and unique NFT's.
For Pega, there are two very unique and rare titles, these are Founding Pega and Crowned Pega. In the next two pages of the white paper, we explain what these are and why they're so rare.
A purple Klin Pega.