Pegaxy's Data Tracking Dashboard
Statistics have never been clearer or more transparent. Pegaxy's Apollo brings you all the important numbers in one place. Data on everything such as overall economy, personal statistics, and even events that have occurred in the game.


The overall figures for Pegaxy's ecosystem
In the Metaverse category, lists 4 different statistics.
Overview: Total Pega, Total Burned Pega, Pega Sales Volume, Sold Pega, VIS Mint vs. Burn Ratio, Global Renter Shares, Pega Floor Prices.
Pega Fuse: Total VIS Burned, Total Pega Burned, Total PGX Burned, and the different Breed Type statistics.
Leaderboard: Top Earning Owners (All-Time), Top Earning Renters (All-Time).
Liquidity Pool: VIS/USDT Main Pool Liquidity, Number of Liquidity Providers, VIS Pooled, USDT Pooled, Total USD Value.


Users' personal numbers
In the Personal category, lists 2 different statistics.
Dashboard: Users' personal VIS Earned, PGX Earned, USDT Earned, Pega states, Share Profit Buckets.
Pega: All things Pega related; Regular View and Stats View.


Event statistics
In the Events category, lists all events that have occurred in the game.
Keep in mind that Apollo could continue to include more numbers in the future as Pegaxy expands.