Pegaxy's Guild Management Tool
A Guild management dashboard that makes in-game actions easier and more efficient. Crucial information, statistics, and actions such as rankings, delegation, sorting, and more for Guild leaders and members' wallets, packed inside one tool for user convenience.

Guild Profile

Designable Guild Profiles in Ares
  • Public Guild Name (no restrictions however is displayed publicly)
  • Profile Picture (no size restrictions)
  • Cover Photo (no size restrictions)
  • Connect and Display all Social Media Links (optional)
  • Guild Founders Name (optional)

Allow sub-managers to contribute

Allow contribution of Pega and Liquidity to the guild!
Attach other peoples wallets to your guild, automatically tracking their contributions and assets so you can easily see and manage your top guild contributors/sub-managers.

Pega Point System

The new Pega Point System
Pega Points are the new points system that will allow you to easily calculate how your Pega contribute to your guild badge rank. Founding being the highest point contribution to a guild.

Global Ranking Leaderboards

Global ranking leaderboards for all guilds!
Leaderboards enable active competition between guilds to hit the top ranks. In the future, large rewards will be given to those that hit specific ranks within certain timeframes. The leaderboards will also drastically expand to increase the intensity of competition.
Keep in mind that Ares could continue to develop and find more features in the future!