Own a piece of Metaverse history and a passive earning machine.

Owning a Stadium inside the Pegaxy Metaverse is one of the best ways to earn from the ecosystem. Below will outline a preliminary plan as to how the system will work and how owners will earn.

Track Prototypes

As you may already be aware, each track has a dominant trait, whether that be water, wind, strength, speed or another. Seen below is an schematic draft of the Roman Stadium:

When it comes to Stadium ownership, we understand that not every player will be joining us on day one. With that in mind, it is likely we will stagger the sales of Stadiums into milestone based sale events. No further details are currently set in stone, however likely once DAU (daily active user) milestones are hit, the NFT Stadium sale preparations will commence.

Current Proposed Earning Model

You may be wondering, "how can I earn from the stadium when the races are free to enter?"

Well to answer your question, stadiums will earn a certain % of Pegaxy's ecosystem revenue based on the amount of races held on that stadium. Stadiums can not be specifically chosen while racing in Pegaxy, so the revenue distribution between stadium owners should be quite even. However, this model is likely to change as the game complexity increases and more data is available.

Development Progress

As of January 2022, we have completed multiple stadium developments, and continue to power ahead with the creation of highly unique and eye catching designs that the gamers in Pegaxy will love.

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