Pegaxy Mobile

Bringing Pegaxy to the Mainstream
Inside the Mobile App of Pegaxy
Pegaxy, now available within the comfort of your own mobile device. The Pegaxy Mobile App has launched and can now be used by anyone that owns or has rented a Pega! Currently the app is in open Beta with racing available. However, in the next updates we will slowly begin to open up renting, marketplace and breeding to allow the game to be 100% mobile based.
Review your Pega Stats
Inside the app you're able to inspect, race, and soon even more all in beautifully illustrated 3D graphics.


You're in 9th Place!
Mid Race!
Crossing the Line!
Racing on mobile is far easier as there is far less friction with web3/blockchain. You don't even realise you are interacting with it!
Note: other features will be added soon as the app is still in early Beta.